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About Tokeet

Tokeet is a powerful and simple vacation rental software management plaform, that provides all the features you need to run and grow your vacation rental business.

Tokeet Vacation Rental Management platform offers these main features:

  • Channel Manager
  • Owner Manager
  • Invoice and payments
  • Contract Signature differently
  • Website builder
  • Mobile Apps

With easy channel management, you are able to keep all your channels automatically and instantly updated with new rates and availability. Tokeet allows you to sync this across your marketing sites, your own website, and any other site of your choice where needed. They have API integrations with the big OTAs such as AirBnB,, and Expedia. The synchronization is simple and instant, as well as automatic. The channel manager by Tokeet has been designed to be user-friendly, where the set-up is fast and will have a lot of help instructions by the their team provided for support to makes things simpler. Tokeet provides complete visibility into what is happening exactly, where you would be able to see when your channels are being synced and what data is being sent to each channel. You will also be able to see trace pricing changes in the activity logs to be aware of when each update was made.

Tokeet’s Owner Management feature has been made to have simple owner invoices created, statements and booking reports, where your owners can pay online without hassle. This feature helps saving hours in order to help scale your vacation rental business up with Tokeet’s holiday rental software. Create payout rules automatically, calculating how much users are due for a booking or how much owners owe you. As these rules can automatically be applied, it will create a new statement or invoice for you based on the rule criteria. In just a few clicks, you can invoice your owners and have them pay online – that is pretty simple. Tokeet holiday rental software also allows Owner Management to have customizable settings for statements and invoices. Add your logo and additional line items to each invoices and more. Payments are also accepted online from owners comes through directly your own Stripe account, which Tokeet uses to collect payment on your behalf. Stripe allows you to charge almost any kind of credit or debit card.

eSignatures cannot be any simpler in a holiday rental software. Tokeet contracts gives guests to review and sign agreements in an easy and simple way. Fast to customize, secure and legally binding signatures from your guests is more important and adds value to your business in the long run for your short-term rental agreements. Tokeets eSignatures helps saves time on your contracts for your guests when it comes to signing rental agreements. Your guests will be able to sign agreements from any place on any devise. Your guests can also upload a copy of their ID directly from their agreement. This feature helps cut out the hassle and hardcopies, making agreements easier in minutes. Tokeet’s contracts are fully integrated with Tokeet’s automation process, where you can automatically send agreements to guests when they book your rentals. Impress your guests with Tokeet’s digital contracts, along with offering a pleasant user journey. Fully customizable and integrated with the rest of the Tokeet application.

Build a beautiful website with Tokeet – start accepting bookings with making a long lasting impression. Tokeet websites are beautifully created and mobile friendly. You are able to create your website to take bookings from the Website Builder in Tokeet’s holiday rental software. Impress your guests as first impressions count with a beautifully created website that shouts your brand value. Save costs on channel booking fees with each direct booking made on your website. Communicate directly with your guests from your Tokeet inbox with automated or personal messages. Easy for payments to be acceped online from your guests directly from your website with Tokeet’s booking engine. No developers are needed, all Tokeets website templates are mobile friendly and easy to work with. It is fast and secure, all images you will upload are optimized automatically.

Tokeet mobile apps have been built to fully utilize the great features of each mobile iOS. The apps are quick and responsive and made sure that nothing gets in your way of doing activities. Enjoy Tokeet’s mobile app experience, as everything you need to get jobs done will be all inclusive in the mobile app.

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