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elina PMS is all about making growth easier for your vacation rental. How? Through our vacation rental software! It is the best vacation rental software on the market, just what your vacation rental business is in need of, for making growth easier whilst you can focus on your guests. elina PMS are on a mission to help vacation rental businesses and other accommodation providers out there with helping the core operations more simpler, functional, and efficient. The expert team at elina love vacation rentals – from villas to cottages – so they really have an eye for what is expected in the vacation rentals industry and of course, what makes it to the best vacation rental software list.

elina's focused features for vacation rental software:

  • Maximize growth and see instant analytics
  • Manage reservations, operations and revenue from one place
  • Improve effectiveness in operations such as guest communication, pricing and more
  • Channel Connections
  • Owner Management
  • Website and booking engine merged to increase direct bookings

elina PMS helps with expanding the growth of your vacation rental business through. You will be able to view the powerful analytics and marketing tools instantly, focusing on growth through daily dashboard. One central hub, for your centralized management system to enable you to keep lead of your reservations, operations, finances and revenue stream, through single or multi-locations. Get ready to improve effectiveness in your day-to-day tasks such as invoicing, updating OTAs, room pricing, personalized guests communications, room rates and payments. With elina PMS, the channel connections from the large OTAs such as booking.com, Airbnb, and Expedia, and many more available. The owner management in elina PMS allows you to spread the booking evenly between owners, calculate earnings and payments and self-service. Also to have your booking engine and website combine in one would make it easier to gain more bookings direct from your website. elina is on a mission to make its mark in 

It is easy to set up the elina holiday rental software to gain success and growth. In regards to guest communication, it is crucial to design the right content to communicate to guests with at each point of contact for holiday rentals. Use different communication for each touchpoint from when your guests have booked according to their dates. elina PMS allows you to have as many automated emails as you want such as booking confirmation messages, guest logins, directions to location, information about guest check-ins, terms and conditions, pre arrival and post arrival updates and more.

For rental owners, they always want to see how they are managing their rentals and how much money they are making through their vacation rental business. elina PMS offers self-service for owners, which they can create accounts for owners so they can handle availability on their rentals, view the performance of their rentals and view bookings that have been reserved. This is less time consuming that saves admin time, whilst giving a professional approach. This gives owners the extra dimension to your vacation rental software.

Your vacation rental software allows you to make-up on OTA rates! You are able to manage the end price on OTAs such as booking.com, Expedia, AirBnB or Homes by using mark up. With this, you are able to use your current price in elina PMS for distribution, with the ability to use the mark-up or mark-down rule to alter the percentages or fixed amount before it is sent out to the channels. By this, this ensures your website has the best prices and rewarding channels with lower commission rates.

In regards to the booking engine in the elina PMS vacation rental software, vacation rentals seem to get a lot more enquiries online. Use the speedy booking engine and website to send exact rental or rentals the prospective booker with their dates they should consider in a link. By doing this, if they like it, they would book the followed recommendations sent through according to what they have been searching for, and book it. They will be able to see the best content and you have helped with this. The elina PMS vacation rental software has custom filters for destination search in the website, making it easier for you to find rentals of your choice quickly.


How the pricing for elina is structured is in three categories: Core (£6.95), Connect (£7.95), and Enterprise (£9.95). Core being the affordable basic package which includes the property management system, elina guests, company and owners login access, mobile friendly booking engine, phone and email support, and online helpdesk.

Connect price package includes all which Core offers, along with additional 50+ software or app integrations. And for the Enterprise price package, the Core and Connect services are included along with API developer access and on-going integration project management. 

There are also Add Ons to select from additionally, including Channel Manager, Housekeeping, and Easypro website. elina's price packages are appealing and suitable for any sized vacation rentals out there, making them be on the top list of vacation rental software on the market. 

The prices are dependent on the size of your vacation rental business and how many properties you have. Check out elina PMS pricing.

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