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About Kigo Marketplace

Kigo is vacation rental management trusted global platform, for short-term management professionals, enabling businesses to effortlessly expand their property portfolio. Kigo’s vacation rental software is used world-wide from companies all over, in order for them to complete their vacation rental holiday software needs to easily manage bookings and properties. Kigo’s vacation holiday rental software consists of solutions such as channel management, websites, payment processing, maintenance, and much more.

Kigo Marketplace features includes:

  • Operations Management
  • Guest Experience
  • Channel Manager
  • KigoPay
  • Reservation and Booking Software
  • Vacation Rental Websites
  • Insurance
  • Revenue Management

Kigo’s vacation rental software platform aims to help maximize revenue, reduce operation costs and streamline the guest’s hospitality journey.

Kigo’s reservations and booking system claims to be just simple and easy. They have a smooth-running vacation rental reservations system, in order for the booking process to be easy for guests can enjoy the experience whilst you can relax about it. It is effortless as you are able to view all bookings and inquiries across multiple properties in your portfolio in with just a few clicks. You are also able to effectively drive results as Kigo makes it easy to make simple communication. This is through automated email responses, update communications and using ready-made templates which is less time consuming. Creating customer profiles and integrate data from the Kigo system to your emails have been made to make life easier. Powerful reporting feature saves hours of work each month. Kigo’s reporting automatically settles owner accounts, sends and save guest bills and payments.

Kigo’s channel manager allows you to customize your listings to target specific audiences. Easily to adapt your marketing strategy according to the channel partners you distribute your properties to expand your portfolio’s performance. Kigo’s channel manager will enable syndicate ad strategies which will help you attract unique travelers in channels your properties are distributed on. Due to the fact that different channels brings in different audiences, Kigo’s channel manager gives you the ability to focus on quality. Be able to use selective channels to boost your performance at the same time. Kigo’s holiday rental software also allows you to reach your full revenue potential through its channel manager. The holiday rental software allows you to adapt limitations based on urgency or shifts in demand, length of stay limits based on maximizing occupancy. In the holiday rental software, the data reconciliation is made easier, as you can catalog items consistently with accounting practices for simpler management. Kigo’s channel manager can help deliver the data in an easy way to consume for accountants. Overall, Kigo’s vacation holiday rental software channel manger gives you access to increased bookings through customized settings, streamlined accounting and synchronizing through one platform, ability to adjust quick to market trends so your rates stay competitive for channels helping you to earn more money, and flexible commissions with optimized fees per distribution channel.

Kigo’s vacation holiday rental software also has a KigoPay feature, for making safe and secure transactions. KigoPay is a payment solution to ensure each booking is secure through real-time guest screening technology and state-of-the-arts payments. This feature in the holiday rental software processes multi-currency transactions fast and safely from one centralized location, in order to monitor the funds from different countries. KigoPay offers a superior online booking experience with easy payments workflow, as you can process credit card payments seamlessly from guests around the world. Also, you are able to create customizable payments with Kigo at the checkout – pretty cool? KigoPay also has your security covered. Add bank-level security with Kigo payment, when processing services that are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant with bank-level encryption – protecting all financial transactional data with ‘’tokenization’’ (universally accepted method for bolstering fraud protection and reducing security risks.) You are also able to increase online-booking conversion potential by localizing the payment experience. KigoPay allows guests to give them the option of what currency they prefer to pay with. Kigo’s holiday rental software allows you to manage all bookings from KigoPay dashboard. It is easy to access the intuitive dashboard and are able to make data-driven decisions from your office or mobile device simply.  Create reports and streamline data on one platform. KigoPay streamlines payments, reporting and reconciliation and financial data. This will simplify complex reporting through our new channel management technology. Lastly with the KigoPay, it helps with automating almost every manual processes, saving you hours a day on activities that can now be done automatically in minutes.

Kigo has other main features such as its operations manager, helping to modernize your communication, monitoring and reporting. Kigo’s vacation holiday rental software operations management feature is powerful as it allows property managers to focus on generating high levels of bookings, whilst decreasing potential of operating costs and being more efficient. Kigo’s platform has a guest experience feature, which allows a personal approach towards guest. This is done by sending greetings, travel details, updates and more based on mobile portal, having convenience and security at heart for the guests. Being able to get crucial feedback, improve staff productivity, access information with ease, and provide always-on customer support is all inclusive with the guest experience feature in Kigo’s vacation holiday rental software. Kigo also provide websites created for your vacation rentals, that stand out from the crowd with modern design templates and user-friendly interfaces. It’s easy to set up, understand and maintain. They also have a revenue management feature, helping to optimize pricing to generate the most income for your vacation rentals. Kigo claim to boost your vacation rental business revenue up to 20% via it’s revenue management.


Kigo Marketplace pricing structure is based and calculated on your needs and unit count. Kigo’s goal is to support all abilities and ranges within their platform. They also have addtional value added services to pick from which are Kigo Platinum Support, Kigo Checkout, and Premium Websites.

Kigo is one solution that makes it easier for short-term rental business to bloom in the global market.

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