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About Guesty

Guesty holiday rental software makes it easy to run a rental business. Guest’s holiday rental software helps property managers and management companies with end-to-end solution to make complex operations easier for short term rentals.

Guesty’s features your vacation rental software needs:

  • Channel Manager
  • Multi-calendar, a complete view of your bookings in one place
  • Unified Inbox, manage communication in one place
  • Automation Tools
  • Mobile Management App – Guesty goes wherever you go!
  • Branded Booking Website – get more chances with increase bookings with a branded website
  • Tasks and reporting tools
  • Owners Portal – promote and manage your properties all from one place
  • Payment Processing - secure and automated payment solution
  • Analytics – check your business performance
  • Open API

Guesty includes a channel manager, which is effortlessly controllable and distributable with listings across channels. With a centralized management, it is easy to handle listings maintenance from the Guesty dashboard and skip any hassles from jumping to one platform to another. The centralized management have a multi-calendar where all your reservations would appear on, so it is easier to check availability, make quick price adjustments and block specific dates. With a seamless synchronization, Guesty makes it easier to pull out listings and reservations from channels, which instantly updates your multi-calendar to avoid double bookings. Adjust prices to gain maximized revenue across all booking platforms from one platform.

Guesty’s holiday rental software also features a Unified inbox, which is efficient and automated communication friendly. Have all your communication in one place, the Unified inbox is a smart messaging tool which centralizes guest communication. All the enquiries, emails or SMS, you can reply to them all via your Guesty inbox.

Guesty’s Automation tools changes your routine game so you can focus on growing your business. Create customized messages to be sent out to guests at any stage and time. You can assure for auto-responses, that every guest inquiry is replied back rapidly through Guesty’s automated ‘’answering machine.’’ Auto-Pricing tool will automatically adjust prices according to your specifications to maximize revenue. 

Auto-Reviews will help save time of requesting reviews constantly again and again. Now automate the process by sending out those who check out the reviews requests. Auto-Tasks helps with creating and scheduling tasks for reservations, and making sure guests are being contacted with all necessary information each time a new guest is scheduled to arrive before their stay. And of course you can expect Auto-Payments, specifically made to strict payment rules to each listing so Guesty can activate payments automatically for reservations.

You can also expect a branded booking website for a place where your bookings can be made from. A more personal and custom website created by Guesty in something they take pride in. Your website will have all the information guests need to choose the location of their getaway, from photos and descriptions of your listings to prices. If you already have a great website, Guesty can easily sync your existing site with the booking platform through an embeddable widget. Create customizable coupons that offers attractive savings in order to draw your guests in. It is also easy to integrate with Google Analytics to understand your funnels and measure your marketing efforts. Guesty also has its own mobile app, making it easier to run your holiday rental software on the go.

Guest provides 24/7 guest communication services, as this is one thing that is the most time-consuming element of holiday rental management. Around the clock service is expected with Guesty, the guest communication services team will be at your service, providing you with rapid responses. Prioritized communication sorts incoming messages according to urgency, which helps get those ‘ASAP’ messages responded to quickly.

Open API’s with Guesty, as it allows you to enjoy all functionalities from your own platform. You are able to build your own solutions for your company’s specific operations. You are also able to connect your website with your existing site and dashboard, so all reservations automatically can be added on your calendar and can be managed in your Guesty holiday rental software platform. It is also easy to integrate external tools in your dashboard.


Guesty’s pricing structure is custom pricing models to fit the size of your vacation rental business. The Guesty pricing model is tailored to your needs and would have to request a demo to get more of an exact quote from their sales team.

Support Included Yes No
Free trial Yes No
Free Demo Yes No
Price range :
  • low
  • mid
  • high
Price Models :
  • Fixed price
  • Percentage of revenue
  • Fee per Booking
Head Office :
Type :
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Year started :

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