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About FantasticStay

FantasticStay is a property management platform created by property managers, for owners and managers of vacation rentals. Their aim is to connect, service and market property smarter by using the leading industry innovations.

They have a list of features to offer including Listing Management. Be able to connect multiple listings from Airbnb,, HomeAway and many more. You will have all the essential information about your listings and data for all your channels on your dashboard. You can organize your listings information neatly in its section. Organize and filter by nickname, title, city or channel, or create your own custom tags. The Listing Calendar displays pricing and availability so you are able to manage and adjust prices and availability for specific periods. Reservations will be visual at a single view and manageable all in the unified calendar. You are also able to set custom stay rules, expect multi-channel synchronization, calendar log and iCal synchronization. There is also a Parent-Child Listing Management, where you can advertise the same property under multiple listings even on the same channels. This structure by FantasticStay allows you to add multiple child listings under one parent. The children will inherit the parent’s calendar, and all child reservations and data will be visible in the parent listing. This is so you are able to see the latest statistics for each child listing, and parent and child listing together. Expect Accurate Pricing with FantasticStay’s Potential Revenue tool, which will help with telling you how much revenue will your listings generate with your current pricing set up at 100% occupancy.

Another feature is the Calendar Management. Get a centralized overview of all your reservations from all channels. Be able to customize your view by groups, tags, location and more. Input your search criteria and see which listings you have available right from the calendar, on any device. You can expect to have multiple listings on one MultiCalendar. You will be able to see accepted reservations, pending requests instantly and filter your listings by city or listing tags. You can also adjust pricing and availability with one click directly from your MultiCalendar. If you want to accept a direct booking, you can run a search to Find Availability that will suit your potential guest’s needs.

The Reservation Management helps with automating your reservations and operational tasks. Be able to capture all reservation data you need with ease, execute tasks, reviews, and transactions automatically from the unified dashboard. The Reservation Management offers full flexibility, where you can organize and filter by check-in, check-out, confirmation data, status, listing, channels, and tags. You can also utilize the functions of pre-approve inquiries, improve guest communication, automated messages and guest reviews, and offline task management.

The Channel Management has integrations with over 60 vacation rental listing sites and direct full integration with Airbnb and You can sync your reservations, rates, and availability seamlessly. You can connect directly with by using FantasticStay as your channel manager. Also connect directly with Airbnb, where you can get your own marketing section, edit your listing content directly from FantasticStay’s platform.

The Unified Inbox is made to make communication easier with guests from multiple Airbnb accounts and other vacation rental platforms. You would no longer require more than one login to different websites and accounts. Have all your communication threads organized from every channel. You can also effortlessly communicate with your team with custom tags, as this will cut down repetition. The Unified Inbox allows one multi-user friendly platform, where you can see who sent each message and when.

Automations will help grow your vacation rental business by FantasticStay’s automating repetitive operations tools. Be able to streamline your communication threads with guests, staff, and homeowners by automated messages. You can have your messages delivered by email, SMS, or the channel manager, and view them all in one place. Inquires Automation allows you to send automated messages to your guests if you didn’t personally reply within a certain time frame (e.g. 20 minutes). With the Reservation Automation, send automated messages directly to guests before, during or after their stay. With the Email Grabber tool, build an email database of past, current and future guests and market activities, promos, and new properties and locations. Also, Auto Reviews to automatically leave personalized reviews for your guests.

Powerful Reporting tools will ensure that you have relevant information accessible. Keep track of your important KPIs, instantly compare actual performance at targets and forecast effectively. You can also get all essential metrics for listing levels, where you can obtain an in-depth analysis of a particular property quick. The Reporting is multi-accessible, meaning you can grant access to multiple users and set different permissions to share insight in reporting.

The Website Builder helps promotes your listings directly through your own site effortlessly and helps build your brand. Have your entire portfolio transform into a pro-like website, and attract many potential guests. The Listings details page will have all descriptions, photos, amenities, and booking settings automated and showcased in a format your site visitors will be familiar with. You can process your payments seamlessly, and take advantage of their partnerships with leading payment gateways such as Stripe.

With Payment Processing, be able to integrate with their fully-automated payment processing system. Collecting accommodation charges, security deposits, and other fees will all be automatically done for you in a reliable and safe way. Alternatively, you can set-up manual payment processing.

With a team of ex-hotel professionals the support team truly knows the industry in and out. Their support team provides 24/7 guest communication, dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience. They have an FAQs section, but if you still cannot find what you are looking for you can contact the team. They also have a guest screening feature, where they connect you with guests that match your criteria before approving reservations. You can also have customized signatures to give that extra personal touch.


In order to get a price quote, you are required to contact the FantasticStay team.

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