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What is a Vacation Rental Software?

Vacation rental software helps you manage, maintain and run a vacation rental property/s. These vacation rental businesses are predominately units which are rented out individually (whether it is individual buildings or specific apartments.)

A vacation rental software is somewhat similar to a property management software due to the same functionality and operations the software delivers for properties. Vacation rental software includes crucial software functions which are used by property managers or owners. There are common features that only vacation rental software in specific would have in systems:

  • Booking management: keep track of who is renting your property, view dates and reservation
  • Payments and invoicing: easily create invoices and collect payments for reservations on your property/s
  • Housekeeping: managing housekeeping schedule, tracking any issues and complaints
  • Accounting
  • Website management: create a website for your property portfolio that makes it easier to capture and get direct reservations made. Reservations would be automatically stored and updated in booking engine
  • Calendar: informative and clear calendar, which is customizable and updates automatically of bookings, reservations and any other important dates to be stored in relation to management. Be able to set reminders, notifications and alerts for important matters that need to be taken care of at specific times.
  • Easy integration: have channel connections such as Booking.com, AirBnB, Expedia.


Key considerations

Here are the key market trends to consider when you choose your vacation rental software for your rental property or properties:

  • Channel Connections: vacation rentals seem to heavily rely on the major third party OTAs such as Booking.com, Expedia, AirBnB, HomeAway and more. These OTAs offer customized and searchable listings that put your property in the front of the listings for more prospects to view. This would lead to an exchange for service fees that would charge you and the renter.
  • Cloud-based software: cloud-based systems have increasingly become popular in hospitality management software. Cloud-based systems are more easily to adapt to and quickly implemented as it is all online. They are also cost effective as they are quite low for up-front costs and it is very well suited for smaller businesses.
  • Mobile functionality: your vacation rental software being able to be accessible on mobile fully functioning is very important. Renters will expect to be able to access your software and information from a phone, tablet, or any portable device. The importance of mobile functionality is vital for property managers, as they would be able to focus on errands relating to their work or while on-site at a property, or whilst travelling between properties.